From north to south, west and east, from the tight Afro textured hair of the west and south, to the loose curls of the north and east, Africa has a dynamic and diverse sense of beauty.

From the ebony smooth and silky African to the cocoa brown skin to the caramel and whitest African, it’s hard to see why our identity as Africans, separates us and thus, so much hatred for my skin yet, it’s not a sin.

Our beautiful beaming eyes – realise the lies that coincide with society’s perception of acceptance and righteousness. My full lips and wide nose and round face is not necessarily the case on the cover of these magazines which seems obscene, why am I not seen as a beautiful queen?

Why is African beauty not magnified like European beauty? African beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes, no need to bat your eyelids, I’m tryna let you know what time it is.

In the words of India Arie: I am not my hair I am not my skin I am not your expectations no, no I am not my hair I am not my skin I am a soul that lives within

African beauty just like the continent, full of everlasting resources and riches, from Ghana the Gold Coast, to Nigeria – the hub of oil, to Kenya with safaris, to Egypt and Morocco and the hub of algebra. Maths and science created by this great continent yet our rulers seem ever so incompetent!

Africa is seen as poor and underdeveloped, who told you this? This is blasphemy! This ain’t history, this is a forged folktale like the Greeks would sow onto travesties to preserve the ‘history’. I’m here to tell you Africa was an empire to be messed with. Why do you think the Americans and the British came? Y’all think this is a game! Let’s be real, because of US, we were made slaves, tortured and beaten while their ancestors were living in caves.

No I ain’t ashamed of my continent. No matter how hard you tried to hide the history and beauty, and to make Africa look ugly, you will never succeed because Africa is honey so sweet and sugary you can’t get enough of it, yet the truth is so bloody. I ain’t no dummy.

Don’t ever forget Africa is beauty and I am African royalty, I rule with authority, I show off flamboyantly this is my specialty don’t mistake this for novelty, this is more than poetry, I am proud of African beauty.

I hope you can see me with respect not just the look of my booty, it is my legal duty to address the masses if not then I fear my skin will end up mocked in classes – oh wait that’s already happened it’s actually depressing, we are out here stressing , got my people stressing we in need of a medicine. Beauty should be defined within, not just by the colour of my skin, word to Dr King.

– Ogechi – ©

2 thoughts on “African Beauty

  1. Ogechi. I really like this post. As the saying goes ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. People will always have their on perceptions on what ‘beautuy’ is- and unfortuantly the western/ european look is always favoured. BUT we take pride in the warmness of our lush brown skin; our curves; hips; nose.. EVERYTHING.

    (Btw did you write that poem at the end?)

    Keep it up my dear!

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