As a platform for black voices, this is a place to be celebrated. It is the only museum of it’s kind in place and see for yourselves the untold story of  our people.

Location: Windrush Square, Brixton, London, SW2 1EF


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Here are the photos we took of the archive! This museum has a library which can be accessed at certain times – check the website for more details.  It also has a shop and a café. Me and Ogechi spent hours in deep discussion with a man working in the café who happened to be reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Soon others were drawn into our conversations and we pretty much ended up being kicked out at the closing hour…P.S to the lovely brothers enlightening us, we shall meet again muhahaha!

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So, come along and re-discover a lost history. Seek, learn  and teach!

– Eunice and Ogechi –

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