As I sit on the sofa in the living room watching the verdict for the execution of an innocent unarmed teenager, being declared

Not guilty.
Uproars and tantrums, I seem confused the verdict was unfair
But the act was outweighed by the facts – ‘ I was scared he was going to attack’
 The judicial system is just wack. Communities walking in  packs, police constantly surfing new waves of attacks.
Not guilty. The hundreds and thousands of acquitted  murderers walk free, justice is given
But is it really justice when these people haven’t been forgiven?
Take a life, you should serve life, this modernised abortion call it expensive extortion.
These racist individuals are spilling and drinking blood like vampires, while we sit and discuss what happened on Empire,
Brown people are being killed by several rounds of gunfire!
I don’t  tire, in fact it’s been the regular same old story.
Not guilty. Sometimes they should flip the script and should get clipped and know what it feels like to be whipped!
Not guilty. How about the feeling of being in a body bag? It’s the same story post slavery, these overseers are heavily equipped.
Not guilty. In today’s society mass school shooters are being labelled ‘mentally ill’ who were probably taking pills
What bout the mentally: ill black man gunned down, innocent an unarmed like MIKE BROWN!
That made you frown, oh well you need to look at my world it’s always upside down, my people can’t swim we constantly drown.
Not guilty. It doesn’t apply to me because my colour ain’t light you see so I guess justice is not for everyone,
Only for the select few which I find cold hearted as my souls continues to be bruised black and blue
Not guilty.
– Ogechi – ©

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