A revolution is coming

I can smell it

I can feel it

I can taste it

I can see it

I believe in it

A revolution is coming.

As the day draws near, from sunrise to sunset

Our soldiers are coming, on your marks, get set, go

No more bloody rivers that riddle the streets

Those who have died are martyrs and God is the ultimate judge

A revolution is coming.

MLK had a dream, it turned into a nightmare

This generation is rising, time to take back our soul from the devil’s snare

Don’t you ever dare, this is not revolutionary suicide this is a mission, a mission aborted for far too long

We are no longer wrong for taking back what’s rightfully ours

The oppressors are losing their grip on its subjects

No more brain dead people we are all failed people thanks to the system; reject.

Time to press eject, stand tall; erect, it’s getting hardder for massa to control these outlawz, suspect.

A revolution is coming

Whether you like it or not, today, tomorrow it’s getting closer

It’s getting more warmer and less colder, peace to my Kings and Queens constantly looking over each other’s shoulders.

– Ogechi – ©

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