Since Mike Brown’s death in August last year, black men and women have been taking to the streets and they are simply fed up of the systematic genocide that is happening in their communities. They feel their voices are not being heard, they have been silent for so long and enough is enough. Sooner or later, these communities will take matters into their own hands. There’s a saying that “history repeats itself”, right? Now in light of what has been happening in the so called “Land of the Free”, the democratic United States of America, you still have conservative, racist white America telling you that “All Lives Matter”. I am sorry but wait, how do all lives matter when the system is killing black and brown people daily yet you are telling me that all lives matter? How and where has there been a system which collectively oppressed white people for over 500 years? I will await for essays in the comment section.

White Lives Don’t Matter will soon be, or probably is a hashtag already. Why? Because many feel the need to highlight its effectiveness via social media. By the end of this post you will probably curse me out but think about it, while you are saying All Lives Matter you are basically saying our lives doesn’t matter and implying all lives are equal which we know in the eyes of the law is 100% false. For instance you wouldn’t go to a HIV fundraiser and scream “what about cancer and cystic fibrosis would you?”

“Stop generalising”, “it’s not a race issue, it’s a police issue” – I have heard it all Stats for postbefore, and quite frankly I find it very insulting to say the least. Why do conservative white people feel the need to say that we are being racist? It is clear in 2015 that race is still an issue, although we have “moved on” from slavery and we use that very lightly because it has only adapted in a way that is more subtle (even I disagree with this, it is blatant to see with your eyes unless you are physically blind of course). Today black people are being found hung on trees and dead in vans, in their beds, in the streets, in the living room, in church (Nope, you are not even safe in the Lord’s house), even Jesus can’t save you.

Another prominent saying I hear amongst white people and unfortunately black people too, is “what about black on black crime?” (I don’t know about you but I find this saying nauseating). In a world that has vast resources via internet giving access to countless journals and publications regarding this baseless argument quite frankly scares me. Again, for those who don’t know, statistics have shown that within every background regardless of race or religion, within their respective communities i.e. white on white crime, black on black crime, Asian on Asian crime etc., crime within their communities are committed at an equal rate. There is no difference (I will leave some links in case anyone thinks I’m lying).

So why does the media choose to highlight ‘black on black crime’? It should be obvious by now that the mainstream media will not promote black positivity because guess what? Its white owned, so to reinforce behaviour they will TELL you that blacks are like this, blacks are like that. Their lives don’t mean nothing.

White supremacy has infiltrated, tainted and ruined every culture to the point that if ‘you ain’t white it ain’t right!’ The next time you write ALL LIVES MATTER across your social media pages, think about whether you as a white person has ever felt threatened because of the colour of your skin. Think about whether you have gone to church and someone has opened fire with bullets piercing  into innocent bodies and 5 year olds playing dead to survive. Think about whether you have been shot at 50 times on your wedding day and the last words were “I love you son”. Think about whether you were walking on the street and being subdued by 6 officers like an untamed animal gasping for air as your throat is being crushed. Think about whether your 7 year old child was sleeping in your bed and was killed because the child  looked ‘suspicious’.

Think about whether your 92 year old grandmother was killed because she was mistaken for a drug dealer. Think about whether your child can go to the shop without being followed by a complete stranger because that stranger felt ‘intimidated’ by the size and colour of your child. Think about whether your teenage child has been killed outside a petrol station because his music was too loud. Think about whether you made an incorrect lane change only to be found dead 3 days later in police custody . Think about whether you have a loved one who had a psychotic episode and called for help only to die in police custody. Think about whether you had your spine severed into several places for something you didn’t do. Think about walking to work only to be  blocked off by police and to be executed in the back, your body riddled with bullets. Think about whether your 12 year old child was killed for playing in the park with a toy. White privilege and white supremacy needs to end and for that I say White Lives Don’t Matter.

*To the loved ones of the Charleston shootings: Rev. Clementa Pinckney, Tywanza Sanders, Rev. Sharonda Singleton, Cynthia Hurd,  Rev. De Payne Middleton-Doctor, Ethel Lance,  Susie Jackson, Myra Thompson, Rev. Daniel Simmons Sr. To the loved ones of Sandra Bland, Sean Bell, Eric Garner, Kathryn Johnson, Mike Brown, Aiyanna Jones Stanley, Trayvon Martin, Jordin Davis, Kindra Chapman, Walter Scott, Tamir Rice and  all my other fallen brothers and sisters who I couldn’t mention. My condolences. May we continue to preserve their memories. May their deaths not be in vain.*

– Ogechi – ©

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