We are forever being told ‘pray for peace’.

We are forever being told that we stand in solidarity with those who are deceased,

Quite frankly I am tired of seeing bodies being dropped on the streets,

Bodies constantly covered in WHITE SHEETS.

Mothers and fathers mourning while losing their sleep,

Racism is more than skin deep.

It has always been a race thing, let’s face it ever since we left the plantations more of us have been killed, raped, tortured, butchered and executed.

I will not be muted.

Why is it hard to understand that we blacks have the lower and upper hand?

Culture appropriation, cornrows, thick lips and hips is making fashion totally mad.

This is disgusting , it’s totally sad, this is more than bad, how do you feel teefin’ and claiming a culture you never really had?

And to make it all worse, you probably thought it was all kosher.

Oh my bad, that hurt you right? I ain’t sorry for bruising your ego, I’m here to tell you the truth through your damn earhole.

This world is witnessing universial genocide.  Until we as a community can unite and fight and leave the petty tings behind, we can never be free  – that includes you and me.

We are tired of running, emancipation never saw us coming, viva la revolucion to all my soldiers out there fighting oppression and terror despite being suppressed by the ultimate terror.

Take note I didn’t make an error, this is more than Amerikkka’s worst nightmare, this is the reality, everyone is tiring of the constant lies and the fallacy,

The sounds of sirens are constant reminders they aren’t protecting and serving me, they’re out here displacing and overseeing me,

If it ain’t our men being killed, the women are being killed and they don’t make the headlines. Nothing more demoralizing than having black women disppaear and die in the hands of the officer’s gun , all in the name of sport and fun.


– Ogechi – ©

3 thoughts on “Senseless Forgiveness

  1. We have to be very careful when we forgive others. We can be TOO forgiving at times when it comes to the oppressor. It’s okay to be angry sometimes especially when the wrongs of the past have NOT ben corrected. I forgive no one until justice has been served.

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    1. I agree somewhat but I think it’s better to ‘forgive’ and not forget. I say this because forgiveness isn’t something required by outsiders but sometimes we need to be able to forgive for ourselves so that we don’t remain angry over people who don’t care. Maybe not even really forgiving but detaching yourself from the idea of needing to forgive. We shouldn’t have to forgive others for their own shortcomings.

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