A Letter to my Sisters

Dear my strong spiritual sisters!

We need to let go of the ratchet behaviour, there’s no need on calling on your saviour. Our daughters are growing up thinking it’s right to give her purity to a crooked man in the night sometimes even in broad daylight. This is a fight in which we must unite!

You let the shades of the colour of our skin and the texture of our hair dominate serious world affairs, yet we can’t agree on things – most importantly the uneducated, the unhoused, the unclothed, the beaten and cheated, abused and used and disused women and the young girls out there.

Dear my strong spiritual sisters, showing your voluptuous curves and twerking may attract men for the night but is this morally right? In hindsight you may think he’s Mr. Right but the value of intimacy has been ruined, our community is in ruins.

Love and sex need to be taught to our kids, sex doesn’t equal love. The best love is Godly love and marriage exhibits this. God created us in pairs and God unites us. Cherish your virginity, your innocence that is preserved for marriage. Marriage produces the best love, sex before marriage is lust and there is no room for trust. Marriage preserves this emotion called love and you share it with the one you love. Don’t give men the taste of your pie when there’s someone waiting for you to be the apple of their eye.

Dears strong spiritual sisters, I’m not here to judge and condemn, rather I’m here to heal and mend the wounds of the oppression and destruction among us, let us educate ourselves, our daughters, nieces,  wives, aunties, grandmothers and mothers and see the bigger picture. Charity begins at home – this is true and you may deny, even from the sight of your eye but whatever you do your daughter may replicate the men you used to date.

No more cocaine and bent models, no more crazy baby mamas, no more hoes for hire, I’m getting real sick and tired of the media portraying black women to be these negative connotations of what we are supposed to be like.

What happened to aspiration and inspiration? Apart from the Beyonce’s and Rhianna’s and the Tyra Bank’s and many other beautiful black Queens, showing all except in between our thick thighs and large posteriors, we should be using our anterior lobes more. You’re more than just a sexual object or even a commodity, you are beautiful intelligent black Queens! Descendants of royalty!

You talk of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama being the epitome of black love, have you forgotten Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King? Despite the trials and tribulations she supported her husband a pillar in truly what he relied on while in prison –  even raising the kids for the cause of the struggle, in fact within the struggle is indeed a heroic accomplishment! Malcolm Little aka Malcolm X aka El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, where would he be with his lovely wife Betty Shabazz? If you want to include Rosa Parks and Marcus Garvey’s wife too in this mix, or Nelson Mandela and his wife Winnie. You can pick and choose from these great figures in history that these men didn’t lose anything but had a great strong black woman right beside them. This supports the saying that behind every great man is a great woman or should I say, a strong black woman.

Dear my strong spiritual sisters, dark or light, we are all one! God made us all in different shades and sizes, tall or short, thick or slim, beautiful or beautiful, God doesn’t create ugly, he creates intelligence and wisdom and you can attain this inherited birth-right, right here in this kingdom.

– Ogechi -©

A Letter to my Brothers

Dear my beloved brothers!

I’m sick and tired of the slavery attitude it’s like we show no gratitude!

Your ancestors didn’t die for this! They didnt break their backs with the constant wacks from the whips on their backs for nothing! Or to escape the torment or fight for justice! Can’t you see? These white supremacists are laughing at us, while we make a fuss of the different shades of our skin, instead  we should treat each other like we are from the same kin.

Dear brothers, you really need to wake up! It’s time for a good clean and a mop up! Killing each other over nothing, selling each other over nothing, don’t get angry when the truth is plain and simple, a mad massacre and genocide of the human race is occuring right under your noses, no more flowers or roses, enough of our men are dead not from disease or lynching.

No! It’s from these cowards living among us like fleas who feel this type of animosity should be glorified in music videos and films. Yet! They  read like a 5 year old or can’t annunciate their words, all they know is to flip the bird and scream thug life til I die, the grave they seek is not so mighty and high, I suggest they don’t speak and pray they be among the meek.

Dear brothers, if you’re angry at the system, out learn the system! Get your education and change your community for the better! We need leaders not killers! We need support workers, officers, doctors, lawyers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, teachers, nurses, politicians and many more workers! Look at Marcus Garvey, a man with a vision and it came to reality, his UNIA movement was a threat to the government and establishments across the world, he and his materials were banned, he made an empire!

You know of MLK and Malcolm X, but do you really know of them? Do you know W.E.B Dubois, Frederick Douglass and many others? There’s more to black history than the civil rights movement and the slave trade.

Rise up my brothers for we need a revolution, now! Instead we continue this evolution of the fight of injustice
against racial supremacy. I know it may seem grimacing but this is reality, in all totality we can conquer this disease of hate that still exists ’till this date.

– Ogechi – ©