Knowledge is Power

The best power to attain is knowledge, I don’t mean the type you gained from college.

True knowledge encompasses all sorts of history,

not just the imperialistic side of the stories they only want you to see.


Slaves ain’t received their reparations from these demonic corporations.

The constant corruption to servitude to imperialism,

has left room for immense extortion

and constant disproportional amounts of militant revolutionary thinking amongst the youth

Not to say there will be a coup,

but honestly I’m tired and everyone is tired, our brains are fried, local folk keep sayin’ we definitely tried to fight against the perils of these evil devils.


There’s always been levels,

forever dishevelling the people from standing up against bribery,

theft and corruption, 

yet it always ends up in dissatisfied destruction

So arm yourselves with words of knowledge, maybe someday you will take up the courage to fight,

that day will bring everything to light, in spite of all that is morally right,

we must pursue with all our might, even from the people we used to be tight with…

What else is there to give?


Knowledge is power, whether you like it or not,

I’m sick of seeing society call us hoes, niggas and thots, 

our youth just seem to rot in a non-sustainable melting pot.


Once we pick up the book to read, maybe finally then, we will take heed.

Ogechi ©-