Dear White People

I know we can never be equal. I am for one, being abrupt, unless you change your way of thinking, your ways will always stay corrupt. Stop with all the ignorance, it has never been bliss, it’s plain and simple, honestly what is there to miss?

I am not apologising for pulling out the ‘race card’. You find it hard to see the oppression of my ancestors and what my current people are going through, sometimes I think to myself, are you ever going to?

We have marches for rights since the 1960s. The civil rights movement was only partially successful. Even today discrimination and race crimes are incredibly high. All you seem to do is turn your eye from the suffering and the injustice of a people seen to be less than you!

It’s like you haven’t got a clue of what’s in front of you! You got scared of the black power movement, they have rights to bear arms, it is part of the amendment or does this apply to white US citizens only?

This is all just plain baloney, America is just phony, Huey Newton made strives to make a change for people suppressed by the system and saw them as a threat and wanted them dead. We are labelled as militant and as thugs, so you say it serves them right, they deserve to die you imply, just move on and shrug.

I’m tired of sweeping this under the rug, I know you’re shocked as you spit out the tea from your mug, it’s time for you to taste your own medicine, I know it’s bittersweet, time to relive the history of the people you used to beat.

This is not an attack on white people, I’m addressing this issue to the elite racist people lurking in the government and on all forms of social circles.


– Ogechi ©-