On Saturday May 7, 2016 myself and my two beautifully natural friends went to the 4th annual Natural Hair show in London. It really was a great day out, where we met other beautiful black women of all shades, hair types, shapes and sizes. I have to mention, that we also got some serious freebies….

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As expected, we were spoilt for choice when we saw the sea of stalls selling tonnes of natural hair care products for all hair types and styling techniques. There was also all kinds of authentic African & Caribbean inspired jewellery, clothing and art, along with other accessories, black soap, shea butter and black books for children and adults. I even saw modern looking clocks with African & Caribbean flags painted on.

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Throughout the day, there were workshops focusing on hair and skin issues, hair styling & head wrap demonstrations and children’s workshops. There was also an amazing fashion & hair presentation, catwalk style. It was great to see a range of African inspired print designs, along with some serious natural hair styles! Black is so beautiful!

I really encourage black women and men too, to check out any hair events running near you. Eventbrite is always a great platform to see what’s on. These events are useful for learning about how to maintain length and general care for our hair. Society, the media, the beauty industry and education in schools are not going to express or expose the beauty of our natural hair, so it is up to us to do it ourselves. This is about self-love and sharing it with our brothers and sisters in the black community. Let us continue to take pride in the crowns upon our heads!


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