What is a Black Woman?

You tell me! I’m more than just a human that bears children. I’m more than just a piece of flesh for a man’s mere muse and pleasure.

What is a black woman? Is it her curves, her hips or her juicy lips? Is it her breasts her long hair, or her being a creature of fresh air?

For years the Black Woman anatomy has been manipulated by man’s greed as we can see from centuries to centuries from myths and legends to folklore to local stories.

Women are a man’s greatest weakness.

But man’s depiction of a woman doesn’t define her. She’s more than a mere sex object. History tells us women learned to sow and stay in the kitchen, men went to war and went to work. Women fought for their rights to go to work, to go to school, is it not fair that a woman has the right to exert her human rights?

The suffragettes and feminists want women to be liberated. I’m not too sure about this ideology. Don’t call me anti-feminist, I’m a woman too just like you. ‘Women are equal to men’, that’s the statement, yes we are, we are both human. But the notion still stands women can’t do everything a man can do.

In an idyllic world a man is the protector, the breadwinner of the home. It’s not the same anymore, times have changed, with so many Black single mothers around and absentee Black fathers selling their rights to get with a woman overnight, Black women have to take up the role of mother and father. She goes to work, she raises her kids, through good times and bad times she provides their needs all by herself.

God didn’t make it this way, two heads are better than one.

Man was not created to be alone. Women are delicate. Remember our origin, God took Eve from Adams rib, you can’t straighten her with force nor can you bend her, so why do we have so many Black women who are victims of violence?

This is a virus I see through my iris, Black women are dying and Black children are crying, where is the justice? Boys will be boys so women are just their toys. This is a shame, I don’t recall God allowing this to happen like we are just a computer game. This is reality, we need to address this issue cos by the end of the poem you will be needing a tissue.

In all totality we can see the brutality, women being battered by men because of their insecurities, where does the problem lie? He wanted the piece of the pie, she said ‘he’s the guy, why would he lie? He said he loves me that’s why.’ But the fear and the guilt of you leaving him has torn a hole in your heart as he used a poison dart,  you fear he’s out to kill you, maybe that’s true, with all the messages he’s left you…

Women deserve a right to education, knowledge is power, and weak men are scared of strong women. But have you forgotten that strong Black women require a strong Black man not an insecure one. Strong women become strong mothers and strong wives that raise strong children to empower a nation, this is determination. I’m tryna reach this youth’s generation.  There will always be baby mama drama, that’s part of the karma. You lived your life once (YOLO), now take up your responsibilities and be a role model. Black Women are mothers of a nation, break her and you’ve lost your kingdom your riches your wealth and even worse – your whole generation.

– Ogechi – © 


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