Religion – they say it brings peace to the soul, all religions preach peace yet we can’t live in harmony.

Religion is a way of life, for some it’s a gateway to another world, drawing near to their Lord, seeking his favours which we can’t deny.

Others see it as authoritative, a set of rules to live by and prevent us from living our evil desires. Some argue the laws act as a deterrent and will benefit mankind.

Some see religion as archaic, ‘we live in modern times,’ out with the old in with the new I guess. Where would we be without religion?

There would be no judicial system, no education system, humanity would be lost without no sense of direction. Instructions from our Lord guide us through strife that we call life, from the early morning tussle to our evening struggle that is our hustle woah! From the womb to the tomb our lives have been planned out, whether we like it or not, we gotta go with the plot. 7.2 billion people so many races, different faces all living in different places. O children of Adam we are one, just like the stars moon and sun. Celebrate and praise the name of the Most High. Cuz that how i get high cuz I fall prostrate to the most high. Yeah I get high and that’s no lie, come with me and we can touch the sky haha that’s right. Our God is great so there’s no need to hate. No I ain’t a slave to religion that’s just your perceptual vision, call it mystical mission, my soul is in a horrible condition, I’m in need of a spiritual incision… insert your name and religion.

– Ogechi © –