Let freedom reign! From the top of the mountain to the valley terrain. Let freedom reign! From sunny skies to torrential rain, without the pain, let’s not forget those who fought not in vain.

From the Africans in the slave trade, this is more than a game, honestly I have so much shame that the masters treated my ancestors as if they needed to be tamed. Even as they came, some of them lame, some were even maimed, some even came with no name.

Let freedom reign. From the underground railway slaves escaping to the Montgomery boycotts to the march on Washington to the Soweto uprising to the Brixton riots. Let freedom reign!

History repeats itself, yeah I get that, so many lives forgotten in the sand, as if time could even stand. It’s not so hard to see that this ain’t a mystery yet the few victories gained from this battle, indeed it is a battle sometimes even a hassle just to gain some consistency and yet our kids barely know any literacy.

I know it’s hard to believe, but seriously we can achieve anything we put our minds to – yeah I’ve got a couple of dreams maybe one or two.

Let freedom reign! Onwards we march as soldiers, constantly looking over our shoulders. From the panic attacks to the drone attacks, it’s hard to see internally of all the things I’ve got to see, PTSD, images of horrific injuries, blinded by the trickery, in the name of liberty.

Let freedom reign! This is just the beginning we need more victories to put us out of our misery yet in this synergy with the lack of symmetry, I’m so confused it may seem contradictory with all this heavy artillery, what am I fighting for? There are always two sides when it comes to war…

Let freedom reign even in this new day and age where there is so much rage which cannot even be caged not enough to fill this entire page not even on the world wide stage.

– Ogechi © –


Having just watched a BBC news report on the unlawful and systematic killings of two melanated men in the space of two days, I am once again fuming.

I’ve been avoiding writing a post on this reality but I can not take this s*** no-more. Once again, I see that it is evident that there is power in language, especially through the media. You will never hear them use the language to illustrate the hellish reality our melanated brothers and sisters are going through whether it is in the racist states of America, or the not-so-united Kingdom, or in Brazil which has the biggest melanated population outside the continent of Africa.


This is the language you will not hear, because despite broadcasting the damming evidence via video recordings and phone images, people watching will fail to process that the true reality occurring here is MORDERN DAY LYNCHING. This is not just a repetitive, ‘racially charged’ incident as the reporters tend to say, to downplay the situation so viewers are less likely to launch an outcry that will bring a city to its knees.

Obama is reported to be ‘deeply disturbed’ at the undeniably extreme rate of melanated men being murdered on the streets by white police men. Deeply disturbed? I’ll tell you what’s deeply disturbing, the fact that he is nothing but a white supremacist puppet installed to fool the world into believing America is no longer racist. Shut up and sit down. That country was built and founded on racism. How you gonna tell me they’ve ‘changed’, when they emerged from it in the first place, via the enslavement of our melanated ancestors who they KIDNAPPED, RAPED, PSYHCOLOGICALLY AND ECONMOICALLY DESTORYED – all of which was formed on the basis of two opposing binaries: BLACK V WHITE, which the white man created. America will never change. It will only find new ways to maintain the white supremacist agenda which runs through the veins of the county.

And as for the UK, acting all high and mighty reporting on what its supposed ally is doing to melanated people, instead of questioning the brutality we see before our eyes. Got British people fooled into thinking racism doesn’t exist here. Again, shut up and sit down. This country is the brain of white supremacy. America is the heart. Both know exactly what they are doing and both will continue to keep us chanting:  NO JUSTICE. NO PEACE. PROSECUTE THE POLICE…





Back to Black

We talk about Black businesses all the time, but are we really practicing this doctrine of Black consciousness? As a collective, Black people claim they are about group economics but how many of us actually practice it? Yes, some of us have businesses in our community. Yes there is a growing trend for young Black people starting businesses after further education, but we are missing the key business links to connect us together. We have become too complacent with the system, to a point where we are not willing to bite the hand that feeds us.

Western society is built on imperialist and capitalist ideologies, which we consider to be the determining factor of what is best, whether we realise it or not. Now is the time to realise this. The Afrocentric must consider his or hers subconscious perspective. Do you still continue to think based upon Western ideology, or have you opened your eyes?

Marketing companies, sports athletes and celebrities have convinced the masses into buying products based on a logo. What a way to programme the mind. Afrocentrics believe that European ideals are the standard for fashion and business. People don’t buy iPhones because they are the best on the market – Android phones are – yet the majority of us will still buy the iPhone. As a brand that is powerful and global, apple remains to have the greatest impact on what we choose to buy.

Michael Jordan (former NBA player for the Chicago Bulls), created his famous basketball shoes, which is now highly recognised around the world. Despite this, the RRP for these shoes continue to rise up to as much as $400! Yet it only costs $100 to manufacture. Other well-known brands such as Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Nike, Under Armour, New Balance also have a range of shoes and prices.

So, what can we do to change our narrative?

Education – after all, knowledge is power! Once we know ourselves, we will love who we are. As a collective, Black people will strive to see a new found sense of being reflected throughout our community.

Re-directing the flow of money is crucial for Black business to thrive. Black Britain has a buying power of an estimated £300 billion, compared to Black America who have a buying power of $1 trillion. Imagine how many Black business owners, male and female, could be millionaires and billionaires? We spend our money like some of us eat jollof. Think of the youth centres we fight for but fail to keep open because of the lack of government funding. Think of the self-defence or computer science workshops we could be setting up. These are the kinds of services we must have in place to enrich and empower our children.

Hair and skincare products are problematic for Afrocentric consumers who are not catered for in the mainstream market. We are not a universal shade of colour. Black women spend over $9 billion on just HAIR. The market is a lucrative business and over the years, relaxer sales have been declining. As a result, mainstream hair product designers have resorted to promoting natural hair creams as Black women have gone natural. Yet, the Black community is slacking behind. Nearly all of our hair shops are dominated by Asian owners, who have been successful in creating franchises while selling to Black customers.

Asian owners who thrive from our own money is an example of the lack of collective in the Black community. We as Black people need to put aside our differences, build with each other and sell at realistic prices. Such a change will bring forth the circulation of money we must have in our community. We will be able to put food on the table for our brothers and sisters, and lay down the foundations needed to kick start our growth. In the Black community there is a lack of teamwork, and we fail to expose and create effective branding. As ridiculous as it sounds, some of us fear we will be cheated by our own brothers and sisters. By doing this we fail to promote each other which prohibits any growth and development.

Time is money and talk is cheap.

We like to talk more about the issue at hand rather than dealing with it head on. Part of the reason why Black businesses fail to grow is due to marketing. Social media has been effective in showcasing great new brands. Instagram and twitter are effective platforms for gaining the exposure we need.


Networking is instrumental. Meeting with other Afrocentric people, sharing business cards and ideas can help to increase our target audiences. Creating a blog, or radio show can also add to the mix of potential beginnings of success. By promoting one another, we can help to expand our businesses and re-ignite our form of unity.

Education is and always will be important, particularly regarding careers paths in science, technology, engineering, maths, law, teaching etc. Whilst we teach our children the fundamentals of education, we must also teach them to create a business. It is possible to have an education and a business, many have done so and continue to do so. Not only will having a business instil economic foundation, but it can be passed on to next generations to ensure the stability of our future.

As Black people, it is essential that we respond to our clouded perception of consumerism and business. We must understand how not buying Black is destroying what potential we have to thrive as a community. Let us make some noise with our coins. Let us change the narrative and go back to Black!


Eunice and Ogechi