Let freedom reign! From the top of the mountain to the valley terrain. Let freedom reign! From sunny skies to torrential rain, without the pain, let’s not forget those who fought not in vain.

From the Africans in the slave trade, this is more than a game, honestly I have so much shame that the masters treated my ancestors as if they needed to be tamed. Even as they came, some of them lame, some were even maimed, some even came with no name.

Let freedom reign. From the underground railway slaves escaping to the Montgomery boycotts to the march on Washington to the Soweto uprising to the Brixton riots. Let freedom reign!

History repeats itself, yeah I get that, so many lives forgotten in the sand, as if time could even stand. It’s not so hard to see that this ain’t a mystery yet the few victories gained from this battle, indeed it is a battle sometimes even a hassle just to gain some consistency and yet our kids barely know any literacy.

I know it’s hard to believe, but seriously we can achieve anything we put our minds to – yeah I’ve got a couple of dreams maybe one or two.

Let freedom reign! Onwards we march as soldiers, constantly looking over our shoulders. From the panic attacks to the drone attacks, it’s hard to see internally of all the things I’ve got to see, PTSD, images of horrific injuries, blinded by the trickery, in the name of liberty.

Let freedom reign! This is just the beginning we need more victories to put us out of our misery yet in this synergy with the lack of symmetry, I’m so confused it may seem contradictory with all this heavy artillery, what am I fighting for? There are always two sides when it comes to war…

Let freedom reign even in this new day and age where there is so much rage which cannot even be caged not enough to fill this entire page not even on the world wide stage.

– Ogechi © –

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