Girls, Guns and Gangs

Girls, guns and gangs, the three things that make young men wanna gangbang.

It seems to me that in his-story that the main mystery is the ‘thuggery’ that messes with the psyche-ology of these young prodigies.

Some ain’t surprised, call it the circle of life.  This ideology with the misogyny and the female physiology has always been used and abused. That’s just a third of this ideology.

Guns – these weapons of destruction are more than just a defence tool, some people are just fools to these things, fun as if just a calm thing to layin’ under the sun – this ain’t no pun I’m actually done! I’m sick and tired of these clowns who happen to be mostly brown with their ugly frowns causing terror on our streets. You can’t even sleep peacefully in between your sheets. Call them menace to society, this matter cannot be taken lightly, the state of this calamity is affecting humanity.

The last piece to puzzle is Gangs. Like the family that consists of the matriarch and Patriarch and solidarity between brother and sister, gangs are the last resort for all these misters. No father in the home, mummy on drugs, sisters with thugs, men ain’t growing to be men, no love from the home so they turn to what grown men know best – the streets, the ‘good life’ call it thug life. Brother love and a father like leadership got these young men in chains. Chains of bondage, no looking back your married to game, no hiding the shame, young brother can’t read so he goes all manic and crazy using that Uzi on these black ‘bourgeois’. His healing is that good Herb, you know the ‘dro, it kills the pain real slow, baby mama on the side lines – he also got a new hoe.


Men wake up! This is an epidemic too many young kids end up in prison, this is a mission. I hope you can see with your vision that we can all make an accurate decision to raise our men right and who’s not to say that may be viewed in a different light….

– Ogechi ©  –