Love is kind, love is sweet, an eternal love when two people meet. Lust is the devils thrust where two people meet and disuse their trust of their loved ones all in the name of fun.

Love is perfect, love is just unlike lust, that leaves you with pain, hurt and disgust Love is gentle, love is tender, love is found in all mankind, how is it we are so unkind?

Lust has meaning yet no feeling, yet as humans we still engage in this demonic feeling that we think is healing.


Love is forgiveness, humility being merciful. Lust is destructive, manipulative and distasteful.

Love comes in different forms, there’s Godly love, love thy enemies, help one another in this worldly life where the servant pleases his Lord through his strife. In the good and bad times, the servants love is unwavering to his Lord, he would do anything to hold on tight to the heavenly cord.

There’s parental love, never ceasing love between a mother and child, father and son, mother and daughter, full of laughter, living happily ever after.

There’s marital love, a covenant between man and wife with God at the centre of their life. A marriage that blossoms where husband and wife are joined together in heaven and earth, angels see the beauty this union gave birth.

When there’s perfect love there’s no lust, but there’s always room for love to go bust. This emotion called lust will come at a cost. Death knocks at our door, you hit the floor as we return to dust, you wish you never made a fuss about lust.

– Ogechi © –

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