Little Queens With Royal Dreams

Following a recent trip to Ghana, the team behind Nana Dolls visited Cape Coast Elmina castle. The team were touched by the heart breaking and traumatic stories they learnt about the north-Atlantic slave trade, and how brave women fought for black freedom.  This inspired the creation of Nana Dolls, which strives to teach and educate our children and future generations to come, about these beautiful and powerful women in our history – a history which western schools will not bother to teach.

‘Nana’, from the Akan language spoken by the Akan people of Ghana, means ‘Queen’, and what better way to represent the ancestral characters these dolls represent. There are countless historical women – and men of course, all over the continent who helped to fight for freedom, who we should never forget. Amongst those are four who have inspired Nana dolls. Yaa Asantewaa from Ghana, Mbuya Nehanda from Zimbabwe, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti from Nigeria and Miriam Makeba from South Africa.

Nall Dolls said: “We want to teach the younger generation the important history in a fun way”

Take your children on this exciting journey as they learn about their ancestors and their ultimate bravery. Knowledge is power, so empower your children with the knowledge of self.

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