Sometimes I think the world has forgotten about me and my surroundings including my family tree
Sometimes I feel trapped nowhere to run to the feeling of despair ripping my heart mind body and soul.
Sometimes I blame myself for my awkward nature, my shy and timid being inhibits my ability to relate to the social world. In a social world with the social media how does one still feel loneliness?
What is loneliness?
Is it that empty feeling you get when no one gives us that tender loving care?
Is loneliness and emotion?
A right or punishment that we humans cause ourselves?
Everybody yearns for companionship,
Even from the days of creation God created Adam and saw you were lonely and gave him a partner to enjoy the rest of his life with
Ease it up and take a deep breath and smile God has a plan for you young soldier he made us  
So no need to be down, turn that frown  upside down
We going to make you save the herbs and anguish for another day
Let the rain and clouds go away and listen to what I’ve got to say
You are never alone, there’s always someone available to talk to,
He’s always there to comfort and love you,
Let him mould you
Mentally, physically ad spiritually
So the chains of depression will be set free
Gain a new pair of eyes to see
That there is more to life from what you feel inside
Life is what you make it,
Never feel like a prisoner in your own mind,
No weapon formed against you shall prosper
And certainly no evil spirit will have the power to bind 
Ask and ye shall find
Always remain kind
Its good for the soul and mind
Technology makes us feel lonely and grey
But in reality, it’s a phase and with time if we dont stop it
Our souls will suffer and pay
Robotic and depressive mood swings 
Causing insecurity, jealousy and distaste in many things
Sing a new song unto the Lord
You will never get bored
As his mercy endureth for ever
Gentle like a feather
Made in his image therefore we are clever
Interact and love others with gladness in the heart
As a tenant on this earth when you finally depart
Your soul will thank you for not being consumed by technology 
It’s for the best I must say with all the breath and might in me…
Ogechi ©

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