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If you didn’t already know, New Beacon Books was founded by John La Rose and Sarah White in 1966,  and it became the first independent publisher of African and Caribbean books, before becoming a book shop. Today, having recently faced a closure scare, it needs your help to remain open and to give back to the local black community in Finsbury park, north London.

The mini market will give a select number of entrepreneurs and small business owners, a platform to sell their goods and services, and to network with the community! If you have a business in arts, crafts, jewellery, fashion, skincare, haircare, DVD’s or toys,  get in touch and register with New Beacon Books! If you know someone who owns a business in these areas, tell them too! We must get in formation and keep the UK’s first black book shop open for business!

The bookstore is in desperate need of a make-over. With our help, the faded appearance and leaky roof can be transformed, a children’s book corner can be created, and a space for book signings too! Let’s make some noise with coins and make this beacon shine bright like a diamond!

The Black Jacobins: Toussaint L'Ouverture and the San Domingo Revolution is a 1938 book by Afro-Trinidadian historian C.L.James, a history of the Haitian Revolution of 1791–1804. In 1789 the West Indian colony of San Domingo supplied two-thirds of the overseas trade of France. The entire structure of what was arguably the most profitable colony in the world rested on the labour of half a million slaves. In 1791 the waves of unrest inspired by the French Revolution reached across the Atlantic dividing the loyalties of the white population of the island. The brutally treated slaves of Saint Domingo seized at this confusion and rose up in rebellion against masters. In this classic work, CLR James chronicles the only successful slave revolt in history and provides a critical portrait of their leader, Toussaint L'Ouverture, 'one of the most remarkable men of a period rich in remarkable men. 📚 Available in store now! Come and have a browse! 📚 Please note our new, reduced opening hours: Wednesdays to Saturdays 1.30pm – 6pm 📚 Please encourage your friends and family to like and follow us on Facebook and instagram @newbeaconbooks 📚 Help keep this iconic resource going by donation to our crowd fund page. Link in bio above. #CirculateTheBlackPound #Knowledge 📚 New Beacon Books – Continuing 50 years of history…….. 📚 #newbeaconbooks #Continuing50yearsofhistory #BlackActivist #JohnLaRose #Trinidad #AfricanBooks #CaribbeanBooks #bookshop #BlackBooks #PanAfrica #BlackHistory #AfricanPeople #SupportBlackBusinesses #Culture #StolenFromAfrica #MoreThanSlaves #caribbeanhistory #Africanhistory #Political #GeorgePadmoreInstitute #GeorgePadmore #50years #london #uksfirstblackbookshop #clrjames #toussaintlouverture #haitianrevolution #slavery

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Here are the details for the event:

Saturday 8 April, 2017. 11am – 6pm.  Free event! Registration required – click here

New Beacon Books

76 Stroud Green Road

Finsbury Park


N4 3EN


To donate, click here.

To volunteer in helping to renovate New Beacon Books click here.

Don’t forget to follow New Beacon Books on instagram and twitter!




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