I’m a warrior because I have the strength of 10 lions in me
I’m a warrior despite my energy levels are down and my crises occur regularly
I’m a warrior simply because I was destined to be
You see
More meets the eye than “I’m tired”
Just like the angry boss who yells you’re fired to underperforming employees

My body is a machine with the daily battles I have to face
No need to see my battle scars
You see it in my race
Hit by a disease that is genetic
No need for phonetics
No need for you to be apologetic and sympathetic

I fight because I want to win
I fight because I don’t need the accolades of fighting this lifelong battle

This battle can sometimes be long,
Sometimes mankind is wrong
For not doing enough in easing my suffering
But I’ve got the strength to keep hovering

With radiance from the Most High
I will continue to fly
As the warrior he made me
Even when times it can be the end for me
I will not let sickle cell defeat me

Ogechi ©


World Sickle Cell Day is Monday June 19, 2017

Wrap it Up

Wrap it up
Diseases are real
I know you like the feel
Feasting well like your last meal
I know the deal
Lets just keep things safe
I know you are looking for fun
But don’t be dumb
Many people need to be careful
And more fearful
Save your life from being a tearful
To have a life of taking pills
Because you wanted a few minutes of pleasure
But was that the ultimate treasure?
Always remember pleasure doesn’t last
And pain is infinite
Don’t forsake your health
Which could last you a lifetime of wealth
Remember strength is needed for stealth
Your life is worth more than being reckless
So remember to care and not be reckless
Protection is better than temporary affection
Protection is better than a lifetime of rejection
Wrap it up and spread awareness
In all fairness
HIV/AIDS needs to drop
So let us help put an end to it, full stop.
Ogechi ©

Lonely with Technology

Sometimes I think the world has forgotten about me and my surroundings including my family tree
Sometimes I feel trapped nowhere to run to the feeling of despair ripping my heart mind body and soul.
Sometimes I blame myself for my awkward nature, my shy and timid being inhibits my ability to relate to the social world. In a social world with the social media how does one still feel loneliness?
What is loneliness?
Is it that empty feeling you get when no one gives us that tender loving care?
Is loneliness and emotion?
A right or punishment that we humans cause ourselves?
Everybody yearns for companionship,
Even from the days of creation God created Adam and saw you were lonely and gave him a partner to enjoy the rest of his life with
Ease it up and take a deep breath and smile God has a plan for you young soldier he made us  
So no need to be down, turn that frown  upside down
We going to make you save the herbs and anguish for another day
Let the rain and clouds go away and listen to what I’ve got to say
You are never alone, there’s always someone available to talk to,
He’s always there to comfort and love you,
Let him mould you
Mentally, physically ad spiritually
So the chains of depression will be set free
Gain a new pair of eyes to see
That there is more to life from what you feel inside
Life is what you make it,
Never feel like a prisoner in your own mind,
No weapon formed against you shall prosper
And certainly no evil spirit will have the power to bind 
Ask and ye shall find
Always remain kind
Its good for the soul and mind
Technology makes us feel lonely and grey
But in reality, it’s a phase and with time if we dont stop it
Our souls will suffer and pay
Robotic and depressive mood swings 
Causing insecurity, jealousy and distaste in many things
Sing a new song unto the Lord
You will never get bored
As his mercy endureth for ever
Gentle like a feather
Made in his image therefore we are clever
Interact and love others with gladness in the heart
As a tenant on this earth when you finally depart
Your soul will thank you for not being consumed by technology 
It’s for the best I must say with all the breath and might in me…
Ogechi ©

Igbo English poem – Nwanyi oma

Nwanyi oma, I di kwa mma?

Never have I felt so compelled towards your beauty. Omalicha nwa.
Obi m na eme yori yori
From the first time we met
Our chi intertwined, I bu my connect

Maka, Nwanyi oma, I bu wise beyond your youthful years, behind those tasteful tears, is an uman, lioness. Adaeze, a lolo in the making, waiting on her Eze, her great King to lead and cherish, love and respect her.

A furu gi n’anya Nwanyi oma, from those sweet lips dripping like honey, I ga egbu mmadu, echefuo I di tantalising. Onye muru gi? Soso gi bu ezigbo nwaanyi, o dimma.

Nne Na nna, ha di proud, ekene diri chukwu. Chineke gozie gi.

Nwanyi oma,  Achorom gi, Achorom I bu nwunye m. Achorom I bu nneka , mother supreme of our lineage.

Nwanyi oma, I nwetere ana ma ekwu? Anyi ga bido igba nkwu, kiita til forever.



Ogechi ©

Love or Lust

Love is kind, love is sweet, an eternal love when two people meet. Lust is the devils thrust where two people meet and disuse their trust of their loved ones all in the name of fun.

Love is perfect, love is just unlike lust, that leaves you with pain, hurt and disgust Love is gentle, love is tender, love is found in all mankind, how is it we are so unkind?

Lust has meaning yet no feeling, yet as humans we still engage in this demonic feeling that we think is healing.


Love is forgiveness, humility being merciful. Lust is destructive, manipulative and distasteful.

Love comes in different forms, there’s Godly love, love thy enemies, help one another in this worldly life where the servant pleases his Lord through his strife. In the good and bad times, the servants love is unwavering to his Lord, he would do anything to hold on tight to the heavenly cord.

There’s parental love, never ceasing love between a mother and child, father and son, mother and daughter, full of laughter, living happily ever after.

There’s marital love, a covenant between man and wife with God at the centre of their life. A marriage that blossoms where husband and wife are joined together in heaven and earth, angels see the beauty this union gave birth.

When there’s perfect love there’s no lust, but there’s always room for love to go bust. This emotion called lust will come at a cost. Death knocks at our door, you hit the floor as we return to dust, you wish you never made a fuss about lust.

– Ogechi © –

Girls, Guns and Gangs

Girls, guns and gangs, the three things that make young men wanna gangbang.

It seems to me that in his-story that the main mystery is the ‘thuggery’ that messes with the psyche-ology of these young prodigies.

Some ain’t surprised, call it the circle of life.  This ideology with the misogyny and the female physiology has always been used and abused. That’s just a third of this ideology.

Guns – these weapons of destruction are more than just a defence tool, some people are just fools to these things, fun as if just a calm thing to layin’ under the sun – this ain’t no pun I’m actually done! I’m sick and tired of these clowns who happen to be mostly brown with their ugly frowns causing terror on our streets. You can’t even sleep peacefully in between your sheets. Call them menace to society, this matter cannot be taken lightly, the state of this calamity is affecting humanity.

The last piece to puzzle is Gangs. Like the family that consists of the matriarch and Patriarch and solidarity between brother and sister, gangs are the last resort for all these misters. No father in the home, mummy on drugs, sisters with thugs, men ain’t growing to be men, no love from the home so they turn to what grown men know best – the streets, the ‘good life’ call it thug life. Brother love and a father like leadership got these young men in chains. Chains of bondage, no looking back your married to game, no hiding the shame, young brother can’t read so he goes all manic and crazy using that Uzi on these black ‘bourgeois’. His healing is that good Herb, you know the ‘dro, it kills the pain real slow, baby mama on the side lines – he also got a new hoe.


Men wake up! This is an epidemic too many young kids end up in prison, this is a mission. I hope you can see with your vision that we can all make an accurate decision to raise our men right and who’s not to say that may be viewed in a different light….

– Ogechi ©  –


Let freedom reign! From the top of the mountain to the valley terrain. Let freedom reign! From sunny skies to torrential rain, without the pain, let’s not forget those who fought not in vain.

From the Africans in the slave trade, this is more than a game, honestly I have so much shame that the masters treated my ancestors as if they needed to be tamed. Even as they came, some of them lame, some were even maimed, some even came with no name.

Let freedom reign. From the underground railway slaves escaping to the Montgomery boycotts to the march on Washington to the Soweto uprising to the Brixton riots. Let freedom reign!

History repeats itself, yeah I get that, so many lives forgotten in the sand, as if time could even stand. It’s not so hard to see that this ain’t a mystery yet the few victories gained from this battle, indeed it is a battle sometimes even a hassle just to gain some consistency and yet our kids barely know any literacy.

I know it’s hard to believe, but seriously we can achieve anything we put our minds to – yeah I’ve got a couple of dreams maybe one or two.

Let freedom reign! Onwards we march as soldiers, constantly looking over our shoulders. From the panic attacks to the drone attacks, it’s hard to see internally of all the things I’ve got to see, PTSD, images of horrific injuries, blinded by the trickery, in the name of liberty.

Let freedom reign! This is just the beginning we need more victories to put us out of our misery yet in this synergy with the lack of symmetry, I’m so confused it may seem contradictory with all this heavy artillery, what am I fighting for? There are always two sides when it comes to war…

Let freedom reign even in this new day and age where there is so much rage which cannot even be caged not enough to fill this entire page not even on the world wide stage.

– Ogechi © –


Religion – they say it brings peace to the soul, all religions preach peace yet we can’t live in harmony.

Religion is a way of life, for some it’s a gateway to another world, drawing near to their Lord, seeking his favours which we can’t deny.

Others see it as authoritative, a set of rules to live by and prevent us from living our evil desires. Some argue the laws act as a deterrent and will benefit mankind.

Some see religion as archaic, ‘we live in modern times,’ out with the old in with the new I guess. Where would we be without religion?

There would be no judicial system, no education system, humanity would be lost without no sense of direction. Instructions from our Lord guide us through strife that we call life, from the early morning tussle to our evening struggle that is our hustle woah! From the womb to the tomb our lives have been planned out, whether we like it or not, we gotta go with the plot. 7.2 billion people so many races, different faces all living in different places. O children of Adam we are one, just like the stars moon and sun. Celebrate and praise the name of the Most High. Cuz that how i get high cuz I fall prostrate to the most high. Yeah I get high and that’s no lie, come with me and we can touch the sky haha that’s right. Our God is great so there’s no need to hate. No I ain’t a slave to religion that’s just your perceptual vision, call it mystical mission, my soul is in a horrible condition, I’m in need of a spiritual incision… insert your name and religion.

– Ogechi © –

Black Woman

What is a Black Woman?

You tell me! I’m more than just a human that bears children. I’m more than just a piece of flesh for a man’s mere muse and pleasure.

What is a black woman? Is it her curves, her hips or her juicy lips? Is it her breasts her long hair, or her being a creature of fresh air?

For years the Black Woman anatomy has been manipulated by man’s greed as we can see from centuries to centuries from myths and legends to folklore to local stories.

Women are a man’s greatest weakness.

But man’s depiction of a woman doesn’t define her. She’s more than a mere sex object. History tells us women learned to sow and stay in the kitchen, men went to war and went to work. Women fought for their rights to go to work, to go to school, is it not fair that a woman has the right to exert her human rights?

The suffragettes and feminists want women to be liberated. I’m not too sure about this ideology. Don’t call me anti-feminist, I’m a woman too just like you. ‘Women are equal to men’, that’s the statement, yes we are, we are both human. But the notion still stands women can’t do everything a man can do.

In an idyllic world a man is the protector, the breadwinner of the home. It’s not the same anymore, times have changed, with so many Black single mothers around and absentee Black fathers selling their rights to get with a woman overnight, Black women have to take up the role of mother and father. She goes to work, she raises her kids, through good times and bad times she provides their needs all by herself.

God didn’t make it this way, two heads are better than one.

Man was not created to be alone. Women are delicate. Remember our origin, God took Eve from Adams rib, you can’t straighten her with force nor can you bend her, so why do we have so many Black women who are victims of violence?

This is a virus I see through my iris, Black women are dying and Black children are crying, where is the justice? Boys will be boys so women are just their toys. This is a shame, I don’t recall God allowing this to happen like we are just a computer game. This is reality, we need to address this issue cos by the end of the poem you will be needing a tissue.

In all totality we can see the brutality, women being battered by men because of their insecurities, where does the problem lie? He wanted the piece of the pie, she said ‘he’s the guy, why would he lie? He said he loves me that’s why.’ But the fear and the guilt of you leaving him has torn a hole in your heart as he used a poison dart,  you fear he’s out to kill you, maybe that’s true, with all the messages he’s left you…

Women deserve a right to education, knowledge is power, and weak men are scared of strong women. But have you forgotten that strong Black women require a strong Black man not an insecure one. Strong women become strong mothers and strong wives that raise strong children to empower a nation, this is determination. I’m tryna reach this youth’s generation.  There will always be baby mama drama, that’s part of the karma. You lived your life once (YOLO), now take up your responsibilities and be a role model. Black Women are mothers of a nation, break her and you’ve lost your kingdom your riches your wealth and even worse – your whole generation.

– Ogechi – © 


Knowledge is Power

The best power to attain is knowledge, I don’t mean the type you gained from college.

True knowledge encompasses all sorts of history,

not just the imperialistic side of the stories they only want you to see.


Slaves ain’t received their reparations from these demonic corporations.

The constant corruption to servitude to imperialism,

has left room for immense extortion

and constant disproportional amounts of militant revolutionary thinking amongst the youth

Not to say there will be a coup,

but honestly I’m tired and everyone is tired, our brains are fried, local folk keep sayin’ we definitely tried to fight against the perils of these evil devils.


There’s always been levels,

forever dishevelling the people from standing up against bribery,

theft and corruption, 

yet it always ends up in dissatisfied destruction

So arm yourselves with words of knowledge, maybe someday you will take up the courage to fight,

that day will bring everything to light, in spite of all that is morally right,

we must pursue with all our might, even from the people we used to be tight with…

What else is there to give?


Knowledge is power, whether you like it or not,

I’m sick of seeing society call us hoes, niggas and thots, 

our youth just seem to rot in a non-sustainable melting pot.


Once we pick up the book to read, maybe finally then, we will take heed.

Ogechi ©-