Sickle Cell Cause support group nominated for Haringey Community Award 2017

The Sickle Cell Cause support group, based in Tottenham, north London, have been nominated for the Haringey Community Impact Awards 2017, following the hard work the group has put into helping raise awareness about sickle cell, and in helping those who suffer from the genetic condition.

Last year, the group won the Haringey Community Award for the  ‘Most Effective Community New Comers 2016.’ This year, they have been nominated for ‘Improving the Health & Well being of Community Members, 2017.’ Founder, Samantha Greaves, said:

We believe that we are making a difference, and because many of us in the support group live with the ravages of the sickle cell disorder, our work can be more challenging, Despite this, we love what we do and endeavour to continue with passion so we can serve our sickle cell peers and the wider community.

During October, the group, who work with the North Middlesex Hospital NHS Trust, spent five consecutive days showcasing a sickle cell awareness table, where members and volunteers took it in turns to share information and handmade goods with the community.

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This is just one of many activities the support has put together to bring more attention to sickle cell. Earlier this year, they held a sponsored walk to help raise money for a blood cell separator machine which the North Middlesex hospital is in desperate need of. Donations are still welcome and the group is grateful for those who have helped and can help. To donate, click here.

On Saturday October 28, 2017, the Sickle Cell Cause will be hosting a Volunteers Workshop Day from 12-4pm at the group’s meeting point, St Ann’s hospital in Tottenham, The event will reveal what people can do to help raise awareness of sickle cell in various areas from hospitals, to schools, to welfare. The workshop is a wonderful opportunity for sicklers and non-sicklers to meet and provide support for each other where possible.

To find out what else the Sickle Cell Cause are doing for the community, click here. 

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If you’re  convinced that the Sickle Cell Cause deserves to win the award for ‘Improving the Health & Well being of Community Members, 2017,’ click here to show your support! Voting has now been extended to Tuesday October 31, until 5pm!
The winners will be announced on Friday Nonmember 24, 2017!