67 reasons (and counting), why there should be a White History Month

Originally found on Instagram, we thought this was definitely worth sharing, because this is the white history everyone should know.  These are histories that have undeniably sought to destroy black people, yet we are told to ‘get over slavery’, when our ancestors were still subjected after this, to endless violent population control, spiritually, genetically, psychologically, economically and emotionally speaking.

Instead the UK education system only seeks to pay attention to the Tudors, Suffragettes, WW1 & WW2, Hitler, Holocaust etc.,. Well, pay attention to the 67 truths of white history, the white world doesn’t want you to know.

  1. Cherokee Trail of Tears
  2. Japanese American Internment
  3. Phillipine-American war
  4. Jim Crow
  5. The Genocide of Native Americans
  6. The Trans-atlantic slave trade
  7. The Middle Passage
  8. The history of white American racism
  9. Black Codes
  10. Slave patrols
  11. Klu Klax Klan
  12. The war on drugs
  13. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  14. How white racism grew out of slavery and genocide
  15. How white people still benefit from slavery and genocide
  16. White anti-racism
  17. The southern strategy
  18. The rape of enslaved black women
  19. Madison Grant
  20. the Indian wars
  21. human zoos
  22. how the Jews became white
  23. white flight
  24. Red lining
  25. Proposition 14
  26. Homestead act
  27. Tulsa Riots
  28. Rosewood massacre
  29. Tuskegee experiment
  30. Lynching
  31. Hollywood stereotypes
  32. Indian appropriation acts
  33. Immigration act 1924
  34. Sundown towns
  35. Chineese exclusion act
  36. Emmet Till
  37. Vincent Chin
  38. Islamaphobia
  39. Indian boarding schools
  40. King Phillip’s war
  41. Bacon’s Rebellion
  42. American slavery compared to Arab, Roman and Latin American slavery
  43. History of the gun
  44. History of the police
  45. history of prisons
  46. history of white suburbia
  47. Lincoln’s racism and anti-racism
  48. George Wallace Governor of Alabama
  49. Cointelpro
  50. Real estate steering
  51. School tracking
  52. Mass incarceration of Black men
  53. Boston school riots
  54. Man-made Ebola and AIDs
  55. Church bombs and fires in deep south to Blacks
  56. Church shootings
  57. How the Irish and Italians became white
  58. The perpetuation of the idea of the ‘model minority’
  59. Housing discrimination
  60. Systemeatic placement of highways and building projects to create ghettoes
  61. Medical experimentation on poor, especially Blacks including surgical and genealogical experimentation
  62. History of planned parenthood
  63. Forced Sterilization
  64. Cutting children out of pregnant Black mothers as part of lynching
  65. Eurocentric beauty standard falsification
  66. Erasure and eradication of all achievements of Ancient Africa and Kemet
  67. White washing of history and cultural practices


Having just watched a BBC news report on the unlawful and systematic killings of two melanated men in the space of two days, I am once again fuming.

I’ve been avoiding writing a post on this reality but I can not take this s*** no-more. Once again, I see that it is evident that there is power in language, especially through the media. You will never hear them use the language to illustrate the hellish reality our melanated brothers and sisters are going through whether it is in the racist states of America, or the not-so-united Kingdom, or in Brazil which has the biggest melanated population outside the continent of Africa.


This is the language you will not hear, because despite broadcasting the damming evidence via video recordings and phone images, people watching will fail to process that the true reality occurring here is MORDERN DAY LYNCHING. This is not just a repetitive, ‘racially charged’ incident as the reporters tend to say, to downplay the situation so viewers are less likely to launch an outcry that will bring a city to its knees.

Obama is reported to be ‘deeply disturbed’ at the undeniably extreme rate of melanated men being murdered on the streets by white police men. Deeply disturbed? I’ll tell you what’s deeply disturbing, the fact that he is nothing but a white supremacist puppet installed to fool the world into believing America is no longer racist. Shut up and sit down. That country was built and founded on racism. How you gonna tell me they’ve ‘changed’, when they emerged from it in the first place, via the enslavement of our melanated ancestors who they KIDNAPPED, RAPED, PSYHCOLOGICALLY AND ECONMOICALLY DESTORYED – all of which was formed on the basis of two opposing binaries: BLACK V WHITE, which the white man created. America will never change. It will only find new ways to maintain the white supremacist agenda which runs through the veins of the county.

And as for the UK, acting all high and mighty reporting on what its supposed ally is doing to melanated people, instead of questioning the brutality we see before our eyes. Got British people fooled into thinking racism doesn’t exist here. Again, shut up and sit down. This country is the brain of white supremacy. America is the heart. Both know exactly what they are doing and both will continue to keep us chanting:  NO JUSTICE. NO PEACE. PROSECUTE THE POLICE…





Dear White People

I know we can never be equal. I am for one, being abrupt, unless you change your way of thinking, your ways will always stay corrupt. Stop with all the ignorance, it has never been bliss, it’s plain and simple, honestly what is there to miss?

I am not apologising for pulling out the ‘race card’. You find it hard to see the oppression of my ancestors and what my current people are going through, sometimes I think to myself, are you ever going to?

We have marches for rights since the 1960s. The civil rights movement was only partially successful. Even today discrimination and race crimes are incredibly high. All you seem to do is turn your eye from the suffering and the injustice of a people seen to be less than you!

It’s like you haven’t got a clue of what’s in front of you! You got scared of the black power movement, they have rights to bear arms, it is part of the amendment or does this apply to white US citizens only?

This is all just plain baloney, America is just phony, Huey Newton made strives to make a change for people suppressed by the system and saw them as a threat and wanted them dead. We are labelled as militant and as thugs, so you say it serves them right, they deserve to die you imply, just move on and shrug.

I’m tired of sweeping this under the rug, I know you’re shocked as you spit out the tea from your mug, it’s time for you to taste your own medicine, I know it’s bittersweet, time to relive the history of the people you used to beat.

This is not an attack on white people, I’m addressing this issue to the elite racist people lurking in the government and on all forms of social circles.


– Ogechi ©-

White Lives Don’t Matter

Since Mike Brown’s death in August last year, black men and women have been taking to the streets and they are simply fed up of the systematic genocide that is happening in their communities. They feel their voices are not being heard, they have been silent for so long and enough is enough. Sooner or later, these communities will take matters into their own hands. There’s a saying that “history repeats itself”, right? Now in light of what has been happening in the so called “Land of the Free”, the democratic United States of America, you still have conservative, racist white America telling you that “All Lives Matter”. I am sorry but wait, how do all lives matter when the system is killing black and brown people daily yet you are telling me that all lives matter? How and where has there been a system which collectively oppressed white people for over 500 years? I will await for essays in the comment section.

White Lives Don’t Matter will soon be, or probably is a hashtag already. Why? Because many feel the need to highlight its effectiveness via social media. By the end of this post you will probably curse me out but think about it, while you are saying All Lives Matter you are basically saying our lives doesn’t matter and implying all lives are equal which we know in the eyes of the law is 100% false. For instance you wouldn’t go to a HIV fundraiser and scream “what about cancer and cystic fibrosis would you?”

“Stop generalising”, “it’s not a race issue, it’s a police issue” – I have heard it all Stats for postbefore, and quite frankly I find it very insulting to say the least. Why do conservative white people feel the need to say that we are being racist? It is clear in 2015 that race is still an issue, although we have “moved on” from slavery and we use that very lightly because it has only adapted in a way that is more subtle (even I disagree with this, it is blatant to see with your eyes unless you are physically blind of course). Today black people are being found hung on trees and dead in vans, in their beds, in the streets, in the living room, in church (Nope, you are not even safe in the Lord’s house), even Jesus can’t save you.

Another prominent saying I hear amongst white people and unfortunately black people too, is “what about black on black crime?” (I don’t know about you but I find this saying nauseating). In a world that has vast resources via internet giving access to countless journals and publications regarding this baseless argument quite frankly scares me. Again, for those who don’t know, statistics have shown that within every background regardless of race or religion, within their respective communities i.e. white on white crime, black on black crime, Asian on Asian crime etc., crime within their communities are committed at an equal rate. There is no difference (I will leave some links in case anyone thinks I’m lying).

So why does the media choose to highlight ‘black on black crime’? It should be obvious by now that the mainstream media will not promote black positivity because guess what? Its white owned, so to reinforce behaviour they will TELL you that blacks are like this, blacks are like that. Their lives don’t mean nothing.

White supremacy has infiltrated, tainted and ruined every culture to the point that if ‘you ain’t white it ain’t right!’ The next time you write ALL LIVES MATTER across your social media pages, think about whether you as a white person has ever felt threatened because of the colour of your skin. Think about whether you have gone to church and someone has opened fire with bullets piercing  into innocent bodies and 5 year olds playing dead to survive. Think about whether you have been shot at 50 times on your wedding day and the last words were “I love you son”. Think about whether you were walking on the street and being subdued by 6 officers like an untamed animal gasping for air as your throat is being crushed. Think about whether your 7 year old child was sleeping in your bed and was killed because the child  looked ‘suspicious’.

Think about whether your 92 year old grandmother was killed because she was mistaken for a drug dealer. Think about whether your child can go to the shop without being followed by a complete stranger because that stranger felt ‘intimidated’ by the size and colour of your child. Think about whether your teenage child has been killed outside a petrol station because his music was too loud. Think about whether you made an incorrect lane change only to be found dead 3 days later in police custody . Think about whether you have a loved one who had a psychotic episode and called for help only to die in police custody. Think about whether you had your spine severed into several places for something you didn’t do. Think about walking to work only to be  blocked off by police and to be executed in the back, your body riddled with bullets. Think about whether your 12 year old child was killed for playing in the park with a toy. White privilege and white supremacy needs to end and for that I say White Lives Don’t Matter.

*To the loved ones of the Charleston shootings: Rev. Clementa Pinckney, Tywanza Sanders, Rev. Sharonda Singleton, Cynthia Hurd,  Rev. De Payne Middleton-Doctor, Ethel Lance,  Susie Jackson, Myra Thompson, Rev. Daniel Simmons Sr. To the loved ones of Sandra Bland, Sean Bell, Eric Garner, Kathryn Johnson, Mike Brown, Aiyanna Jones Stanley, Trayvon Martin, Jordin Davis, Kindra Chapman, Walter Scott, Tamir Rice and  all my other fallen brothers and sisters who I couldn’t mention. My condolences. May we continue to preserve their memories. May their deaths not be in vain.*

– Ogechi – ©

Further reading:

The Distorted Exaggeration of Black-on-Black Crime Ignores Much of America’s Criminality: http://www.alternet.org/civil-liberties/distorted-exaggeration-black-black-crime-ignores-much-americas-criminality

Why “Black-on-Black Crime” is a Dangerous Idea: http://prospect.org/article/why-black-black-crime-dangerous-idea (Figure: Bureau of Justice)

Fact Check: do black Americans commit more crime?: http://blogs.channel4.com/factcheck/factcheck-black-americans-commit-crime/19439

The Racist States of America

White police officer shoots unarmed black man. What does the media say? ‘Thugs’, ‘criminals’, ‘gang related’.

Black men being stopped and searched. What does the media say? ‘Thugs’, ‘criminals, ‘gang related.’

Asian, Arab and Muslim men being stopped and searched. What does the media say? Terrorist.

White man shoots dead 9 black people. What does the media say? Mental illness.

See the difference?

Why is it that the police and the media are able to paint a story with a different brush? Why are people so blind to what has been happening in what is supposed to be ‘the United States of America?’ United? I think not.

Why are some black people just as blind? It’s like we choose to be blind  as we’re told to shy away from talking about racism because it’s ‘too sensitive’. Or it’s because we’re too scared of being seen as the racist instead. I posted the following images on Facebook, in response to the Charleston shootings, and as I expected, people reacted.


One of my black friends sent me a long message expressing how she didn’t like what I posted and why. Now she’s entitled to her opinion as everybody is, but what got to me the most, is how she was so fast to accuse me of ‘attacking white people’. She didn’t even bother to ask me what my intentions were.

Why are we as black people so quick to judge each other, yet when a white person says something we agree instantly? Take this video for example, another black friend posted this and lo and behold, other black facebookers (myself included), posted.

It’s like some of us need a white person to acknowledge the problem before its ok for us to make a racial statement on social media. This time, I didn’t do this. I posted this video a day after telling my audience exactly what I thought about Obama, followed hours later, by those pictures – all to  demonstrate the imbalance of the representation and treatment of ‘coloured’ people, compared to Caucasian people. Is this really so bad that I should be accused of attacking?

Let me make this clear, I do not hate white people. I dislike the fact that we are living in a world where a white supremacist system uses the social construct of race to divide us, which is then perpetuated by the police and by the media.  I have not heard  one news reporter question this. Think about what you see on TV. Sometimes I feel like we’re living in 1984 – and I don’t mean the time era, I mean the novel.  For those who aren’t familiar with this dystopian novel, it’s set in a society where freedom does not exist. The political party ‘Big Brother’ controls everything, and I mean everything. Telly screens in the workplace, in public places – even in your own home, watching you like hawks to ensure you turn a blind eye to oppression.  Yes the society we live in now isn’t as extreme as this, but it’s not a million miles off.

It has got to a point where we have to ask ourselves why? Why are we living in a society where a system works to divide us based on race? Why is the media perpetuating rather than challenging this? Why does the media choose to  label Muslims as terrorists and black people as criminal gang members, yet when a white person commits mass murder the media glosses over it and says ‘mental illness’. Really? Ok. Are we supposed to just sit there and nod in front of the TV box?

It seems there are still some black people within our communities who have the ‘post-slave master syndrome’ and this is why we continue to blame each other or accuse each other of making the issue worse. My friend perceived my actions as ‘adding to the problem’, yet she had no solution to offer apart from calling for ‘black and white people to unify’.

I’m sorry but what? Black people can barely unite with each other let alone with other races, so to say that is just laughable. A lot of us still need to learn to love ourselves first.  How can all Americans unite when American society doesn’t even love, respect and most importantly, acknowledge ‘coloured people’? I’ve been told to stop living in the past but why does no-one say this to Holocaust victims, or to British people who continue to commemorate both world wars which may I remind you, broke out because Britain couldn’t keep itself out of political tensions and alliances – hmmm sound familiar today? I bet so.

Yet, when it comes to slavery and colonisation we’re told to forget these historical events. Excuse me? You want us to forget what white supremacy has done to our people? Why? Because there’s no minute silence to encourage us to remember, no national recognition to make us reflect? Because there’s none of that we think it’s ok to tell each other to forget? Or do we want to kid ourselves into thinking that we’re living in a post-racial world? Sorry but this is not a post-racial world we’re living in. We are not accepted in the way we like to think. We wear suits to look ‘presentable’ or put chemicals in our  hair and skin to conform  to European beauty standards, or we get the highest education possible to prove our intelligence, but this is not enough – the same way Muslims are seen as terrorists regardless of their character.

I was told that by posting those pictures that I’m ‘segregating’. So am I not supposed to say anything and just stay ignorant? I was told that ‘black people need to stop playing the victim’. So, if your family member was gunned down by the police, you’re just going to ignore it and say I’m not playing the victim here? Whether we like it or not we are the victims – victims of a system that refuses to even acknowledge that America was built on the blood of Africans – and not to forget the native Indians who were slaughtered to make way for this.

The black community carries deep and painful wounds only black people can truly understand. Telling me  to stay silent is like me putting TCP on my wounds every day – and we know what that feels like. Excruciating . So what will we do? Talk to each other, or let the silence scream louder than our internal pains…

– Eunice –