As well as attaining knowledge of self, we need to attain knowledge of health!

Ogechi signing in! I thought I would like to share with you a column dedicated to health and well-being, in particular, diseases affecting the black population exclusively.

I know it’s difficult, eating healthily can be expensive! But, cutting out fast foods will be better in the long run.

As the world population continues to grow, maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes more and more demanding and problematic, leaving us to go with the easier option: CHEAP food. Burgers and fries may be cost effective; but excessive consumption of these foods leads to heart disease and in some cases stroke, ultimately causing death.

Here’s the science to why this occurs, bear with me, I’m going to try and keep it simple!

The main reason for this is due to excessive ‘bad’ cholesterol build up in the arteries known as LDL or low density lipoproteins. So, the more big macs and KFC you eat, the more bad cholesterol deposits(fatty deposits) (plaque), you get in your blood vessels, which results in a reduced blood flow – and you know what that means right?’

Less blood and oxygen will reach the muscles in the body including the biggest pumping muscle; the heart. As this continues to build up, the main arteries supplying the heart (coronary arteries) become narrower as a result of an inflammatory response from the immune system (activated white blood cells known as macrophages are diffused to the area where there are cholesterol deposits, and cause further damage to the lining of the artery). This leads to forming platelets which eventually leads to blood clots (thrombus). If this thrombus travels to the brain and blocks a blood vessel supplying oxygen; a stroke occurs which can be fatal.

Scary stuff right? There’s more!

Did you know?

  • According to the NHS, strokes are a “major problem” in the UK. 10,000 people have had a stroke in England, and it is ranked third in the UK for mortality (death) rates, after heart disease and cancer.
  • If you are African, Caribbean or Asian, the risk for stroke is even higher, the NHS has stated that this is due to a natural tendency to developing hypertension (high blood pressure) which eventually leads to strokes.

BUT! There are warning signs and ways of preventing stroke from happening.

Ogechi signing off!

Remember: Knowledge is wealth and, health is wealth!

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Health events & services to look out for….



Where to find the supplements to replenish your body!

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